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About The Artists

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Martha Marvel (she/her/hers) – Trans Artists Collaborative Facilitator – Worked professionally for many years with non-profit organizations doing strategic planning, organizational development, project management and leadership training. Since retiring in 2017, Martha has been working with the arts community. In 2021 she was the project manager for the creation and installation of the “We Will Be Seen” public art mural on the exterior of the Napalese Lounge in Green Bay. In October 2022 Martha was the Project Coordinator for Unhinged – a unique multidisciplinary art immersion experience with over 40 artists which was offered in partnership with the Weidner Center at UWGB.  As part of Unhinged Martha convened a group of transgender artists and presented Transperience an immersive art installation that introduced guests to the trans feminine experience. Martha is also currently the Facilitator for United Arts – an organization of artists and community members dedicated to providing opportunities for marginalized and underrepresented artists in Northeast Wisconsin.

Martha is also the president of the Bay Area Council on Gender Diversity

Maggie Williams (She, Her, Hers) is a parent, spouse, and artist. She earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh and a Master of Fine Arts at Miami University in Ohio. She has lived in Atlanta, GA for 10 years establishing a career in art restoration, teaching, creating, and showing artwork. She currently lives in Neenah, WI. and is an educator in the public school system and active in the local art community of Northeast Wisconsin. Maggie is a member of the ArtSpace Collective in Oshkosh and has been showing work in Wisconsin and in various venues throughout the country. She has been involved in projects that range from working on the Brown County Equity Project for United Way to acting as Juror for the installation of the “We will Be Seen” Mural in Green Bay. Currently, Maggie has a piece that was purchased and on display at the Neville Museum in Green Bay in the current exhibition “Her Story” and a piece in the 77th Annual Juried Exhibition. She is a trans-feminine or a gender non-binary individual. 

maggie williams

Alicia C (prefers pronoun free, zie / zir if you must ) Non-binary Trans Artist. Zie was spent several decades working in the video and film production industry. Zie has been fortunate to actually have a full time career engaged in creative work for a variety of clientele ranging from national networks to Fortune 500 companies. Zie recently has been able to be more fully out and work on projects as his or herself. This recently  included shooting parts of a Skittles Pride Month 2021 series of ads used in their national campaign.

As part of the Trans Artists Collaborative zie created a multiscreen video presentation to reveal the inner thoughts and emotions of trans femme people. This all started a year earlier by creating a mini-doc around the artist LoChue Lo   when he was selected to create the “We Will Be Seen” public art mural on the Napalese Lounge in 2021. This has led zir to seek out opportunities to create more socially redeeming work supportive of the LGBTQ+ community.

David / Clara x Cross (He, Him, Her, She, They, Them). An Appleton native now living in Madison, Wi., David / Clara holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in painting from The Kansas City Art Institute. They returned to painting after a several decades hiatus and have been active in pursuing creative outlets.

David is now retired from a 23 year career in pubic service  and community building. The benefits of time and perspective has created the space for a renewal of creative energy.  Most recent exhibitions include Overture Center for the Arts, Madison and Unhinged Transperience, Neville Center for the Arts, Green Bay.

David / Clara also serves on the Board of Kanopy Dance, Madison, WI. Perhaps best described as gender non-conforming, they are a close ally to the LGBTQ+ community working to promote greater awareness and acceptance of gender expression.


Rochelle (she/her/hers) –Has worked professionally as an environmental scientist with various  WI engineering firms over the last three decades. In her current position with a national firm, she supports Diversity Equity + Inclusion initiatives as an active ally for gender non-binary, gender non-conforming, and transgendered colleagues. 

Since identifying and publicly presenting as dual-gendered/trans-feminine, Rochelle helped with the installation of the “We Will Be Seen” public art mural on the exterior of the Napalese Lounge in Green Bay.

She has also helped co-create, install and present the Transperience I, an immersive art exhibit at Unhinged which ran at the Weidner Center, UWGB in October 2022.  Through her professional corporate and recent art experiences, Rochelle enjoys connecting with community members to share her perspectives, educate others, and promote better understanding of the spectrum of trans-femininity in our society. This encompasses cross-dressing, dual-/bi-gendered, socially transitioned, and medically transitioned individuals.  

Kent Hutchison (Special Consultant to the Trans Artists Collaborative) is a multidisciplinary artist living in Green Bay, WI who has been creating sculptures and paintings for over 15 years. He commits much of his time toward developing the area’s public art scene. He recently was the Executive Director for Unhinged, a muti-disciplinary art immersion exhibition presented by the UWGB Weidner Center. He believes art, or at least artistic thought, should be employed everywhere all the time which is why he engages in interdisciplinary initiatives such as the STEAM Engine in GB.  

Kent Hutchinson