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The Transperience

The Show Experience: Trans femme persons who can sort through the confusion that swirls around their lives and embrace their authentic selves, experience profound joy, peace and gender euphoria not dysphoria.  To be trans femme is to be misunderstood, discriminated against, bullied, often rejected by spouses, family, friends, and co-workers. Those who enter the installation will gain a glimpse into the trans femme experience.  

When Can I Experience The Show ?
We have committed show dates to be announced in 2023. Standby !

Acknowledgement: The term transgender as used here is a broad umbrella term. It includes biologically born men who experience and express the feminine as well as biologically born women who experience and express the masculine. The artists acknowledge this broad spectrum of people. However, this work presents a look at a trans feminine Transperience. 

Trigger Warning: Note that the images contained in this installation may be disturbing or unsettling to those who question their gender identity or their understanding of their sexual orientation.  

501 (c) (3) Status ! The Transperience operates as a not for profit subsidiary of Bay Area Council on Gender Diversity, Inc. (BACGD). Tax deductible donations may be made to BACGD & The Transperience by contacting

Donations help fund the costs of transporting, setting up and updating the show as it evolves as well as other expenses related to exhibition. 

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